Why is TrailRunner donation-ware with a fixed donation amount?

TrailRunner is no commercial grade software. Instead it's my spare time killer and I develop TrailRunner for the fun of myself and all users that like it. As I cannot base my living on the earnings from this project I have to put the majority of my work power into a regular job. So due to this limitation of resources, I can't give any guarantees on a flawless functionality or a short term reaction on any questions or bug reports -- although I do my best and I am passionate about it.

If TrailRunner was ShareWare you would actually buy something from me, meaning we both would have a contract and would bind us to a license-agreement. This would also have implications on what you’d expect from me, based on what you are accustomed with when you buy regular commercial products. So distributing TrailRunner as a ShareWare would require me to give you some contractual guarantees, which I can't. So I am not trying to play the big guy where I am small.

For all these reasons, TrailRunner is donation-ware (wikipedia explanation) or support-me-if-you-like-ware, even with a fixed amount. I think the amount for the token of esteem is really worth it. But if it's too much for you, just continue to use TrailRunner as there is no functional limitation for unregistered users. (Though TrailRunner won't hesitate to increasingly appeal to your honor)

That's my point of view regarding fairness. If you find this unfair, please drop me a line.

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