Interactive Online-Maps

Interactive city- and regional maps available online. Also see drag & drop of map-data in the help. Any links to mapping services would be appreciated.
Warning: This is only a collection of samples without any permission. If you are not sure about the terms of usage, please contact the original provider of the map-data.
United Kingdom / Scottish Lowlands Use the flash based map to explore Great Britain. Zooms down to walking routes.
MAGIC A web-based interactive map for all Great Britain, from England up to Scottland in the most detailed scale down to 1:5000. Click on the Interactive Map Logo to get to the map.
United States
TopoZone Complete USGS National Topographic Map service. Zooms the USA down to 1:25000.
USGS National Map Server Zoom in to any area. For a hiking-maps style display, add a Topographic Maps Layer with USGS QUADRANGLES.
United States / California Very detailed hiking maps for most National Parks in California. Also available as a Sherlock Plugin. Search maps for California mountains, campgrounds, ranger stations, lakes, trails, parks; search pictures and VR panoramas.
Toporama The Topographic Atlas of Canada. Zooms down to 1:20000.
Geoplan / Cartografie d'Italia - Mappe geografiche professionali d'Italia
Madeira/Canary Islands/Azores Topographic Maps of the Azores. The Link "Aceder à Folha" will show the map-browser.
UrMap Taiwan Map service, similar to GoogleMaps.
New Zealand
Campaign GPS Marks Topographic Maps, Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences Web Map server.
GoogleMaps You all know GoogleMaps, don't you?
You can find additional maps in the german version of this site under Bibliothek.

Average population fitness

TrailRunner calculates a fitness index based on your workout performance. The fitness score is comparable to VO2max (maximal oxygen uptake in ml/min/kg), a commonly used descriptor of aerobic fitness. VO2max is a good indicator of performance in endurance sports. The possible range of the fitness index goes from 25 (which can be measured for an unfit individual) to 95 (a level only reached by Olympic athletes). Based on a representative group of men and women, the following table gives average fitness values according to their age group (Fletcher et al. 1995).
20-29 40-47 33-40
30-39 39-46 31-37
40-49 37-44 29-35
50-59 33-40 27-32
60-69 30-37 25-30
E.g. for a 33-year-old woman a fitness between 31-37 represents "average fitness" compared to other women of the same age. An index less than 31 is below the average and an index more than 37 is above the average. for a 33-year-old man, "average fitness" lies between 39-46.

Image sizes for NanoMap export

Exporting NanoMaps is not limited to the iPod Nano but also for cellphones. Aproriate image sizes can be found in the following table:
Sony Ericsson T610, T630 128 x 127 Use Bluetooth to transfer
Sony Ericsson K700, K750 176 × 220* Use Bluetooth to transfer
Motorola E398 176 × 220* Transfer unknown
Motorola RAZR 176 × 220* To transfer, use the mini-USB connector
Nokia 6230i 208 × 208* Transfer unknown
Siemens S65 132 × 176* Transfer unknown
iPod nano original 220 x 176 Use iTunes to transfer
iPod classic & iPod nano 2007 320 x 240 Use iTunes to transfer
iPhone & iPod touch 480 x 320 Use iTunes to transfer
* Values describe the full extend of the screen. If you own a mobile like this and found out the real value, please leave me a note.

Tour databases and Software

TrailRunner can import and export GPX Files, a common file format used by tour-databases. It is an interchangable format than can be upload to any GPS unit with a native converter.
International Tour database for all categories like running, biking, hiking and so on.
International trailregistry American tour database for all kinds of outoor activities.
Software LoadMyTracks LoadMyTracks is a utility that allows users of the Macintosh to download track, route, and waypoint information from a variety of GPS receivers and turn them into GPX files or KML files.
Software GPS Connect Freeware program for Mac OS X which offers waypoint transfer with Garmin GPS receivers.
Software MacGPSBabel Sync GPX-Files with you Garmin or Magellan GPS receivers.

Websites to mention

Interesting websites you might want to visit.
Athletic Sports and GPS Great source for information about GPS for athletic sports.
GPS Navigation Read about the latest developments with this amazing technology.

Any Suggestions?

I am always interested in new map data. Especially in the Ogc/WMS format. If you know of any mapServers that support the getMap protocol with WGS84 projection then please tell me so I can add the service to this list and later implement an integration into the TrailRunner. Currently it won't be worth the effort. A very good example is this german site: