How can I create off-road routes?

Problem: TrailRunner mini uses the openStreetMap way network create routes along the transit locations you set. But sometimes the openStreetMap data is not complete or you really want to go off-road.
Solution: In the left editor panel, turn on the off-road switch. All now placed transit location pins are now green off-road pins that no longer follow the openStreetMap network. As an alternative, while moving or adding a transit-location, hold the (Command / ) key down to place an off-road transit location. TrailRunner mini will then create a straight connection between the last transit location, the green off-road transit location and the upcoming transit location.
HowTo: Watch this video guide on how this works.

Contribute: To improve the mapping coverage of this area, you may want to contribute to the project. Layout the "missing link", export a GPX file and upload it to the openStreetMap network. It may then take up to two weeks until the track is available within TrailRunner mini. If that's not the case, remove the TrailRunner mini Cache from your hard-drive.