What file formats can I import in TrailRunner mini

TrailRunner mini can import the following file formats:
GPS eXchange Format (GPX) this is the most versatile file format for data exchange between any devices. The TrailRunner dropbox import and export is fully based on that format.
Garmin Training Center Format (TCX) this file format is the native exchange format for Garmin devices. TrailRunner mini can import the route data of these file types.
Google Earth (KML) This file format is the native exchange format for Google Earth. TrailRunner mini can read and write this format.
Training Peaks (PWX) this file format is being used for the Timex Global Trainer devices. TrailRunner mini can only import this file type.

Fuel my run. Please note that I create TrailRunner mini in my spare-time. So if you have suggestions, questions or trouble importing a file, contact me directly via application feedback. If you like TrailRunner mini, please spend some stars on the AppStore review. Have fun.

How can I edit an imported route

Problem: You have imported a course recording and want to edit the course.

Files imported in the format GPX, KML, TCX or FIT are typically recordings. These recordings are immutable in a way that they contain many recorded points with no logical connection to the OpenStreetMap network that underlies the TrailRunner mini routing editor.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-02 um 13.37.29

So when you try to edit such a route, TrailRunner mini gives you the option to create a routable approximation of the route by guessing good transit locations that resemble the original as much as possible. You can even choose to display the original recording as a background route to compare and make corrections to the approximation.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-02 um 14.09.42
If you prefer to retrace the imported route from scratch you may also mark the imported route as flagged and start creating a new route. Flagged routes are always visible in the background. Then manually place and move your transit pins as needed.

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