How can I synchronize routes with my iPad?

Besides TrailRunner mini for Mac OS X you can get TrailRunner touch for iPad on the AppStore.
Both apps have almost identical features and can synchronize routes using iCloud.

How can I transfer routes to my iPhone?

TrailRunner makes use of Apple iCloud to synchronize routes between all of your devices like iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Synchronizing routes with RaceBunny for iPhone

RaceBunny for iPhone can display routes planned in TrailRunner. If you go out for a hiking trip you can place one or more routes as a background route on your map. While you are walking, you see where you are and where you possibly should be.

To use route synchronization with RaceBunny just make sure all of your devices are set up for Apple iCloud. Then create a route on any device and the route will automatically appear in RaceBunny on your iPhone.

- Create a route in TrailRunner
- All your routes are automatically synchronized to iCloud
- Start RaceBunny on your iPhone
- Go to Menu > Planned Routes

Wait for the synchronization process to finish or again choose synchronize
- All your routes are now available in RaceBunny.
- Select a route and add it to the background routes
- Close settings

You now see your route as a background route in the map. Add more such routes if you like.
You can directly scroll the map to the beginning of the last flagged route by taping on the carrot icon.
Please also note that when you flag a route in TrailRunner it is — after the sync is through — automatically flagged in RaceBunny and therefore displayed as a background route. Same goes for colors assigned to routes in TrailRunner.

When you change or create a route in TrailRunner, it may take several minutes until the route appears in RaceBunny. So synchronize RaceBunny regularly to get the update. To conserve battery power and network traffic, RaceBunny does not automatically update routes and you always have to synchronize them manually.