What are Region Collections

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Region Collections display small count markers on the map that represent multiple routes being located in that region.

You can click on one of those markers and get a detail view with all contained routes and landmarks displayed in an overview map.

Selecting one of the routes in the left list will zoom the map to display that route. To return back to an aspect where you again can see Region Collection markers on the map, click the globe icon in the map controls.

When you choose to Show Routes in that region, the left list of routes is filtered to display these routes for you to explore.
You can remove that filter by choosing Show All in the top toolbar item for Route Collections.

Please note that Region Collections are an extended feature and that you can only use one for free. Full region collections require a one time in app purchase that lets you explore as many Region Collections as being displayed on the map.

What are dynamic collections?

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Dynamic Collections are a way to create route collections that automatically update their contents based on a set of rules. For example this cloud be:
Collection of all biking routes with a distance of 60 - 120 km and less than 1000 meter of ascent and nearby a specific landmark like the parking spot you usually start from.

To create a Dynamic Collection like the above, click on the collections toolbar icon and in the action menu select New Dynamic Collection.
Within the rules editor, build a configuration like this:

To better identify your collection (besides the name) you may set a color for the icon displayed in the collections menu. Also you can define in which order the collected routes are sorted.

Please note that Dynamic Collections are an extended feature and that you can only create one for free. Additional dynamic collections require a one time in app purchase that lets you create as many dynamic collections as you need.

How can I organize my routes in folders or collections?

Problem: you have a lot of routes and want to organise these in folders or collections.
Solution: TrailRunner mini has a simple feature you can use to group routes in collections. Just right-click (or select a route and choose open the action menu) to move the route to any of your collections.

Alternatively open the collections popover and drag one or multiple selected routes to any of your collections. Note that you can also tear-off the popover into a freestanding window by tearing the popover off at its top.