Can you add more map sources?

Problem: The map data being displayed by TrailRunner mini misses some trails or streets. But these are visible in other sources like Google Maps. Can you add these maps to TrailRunner mini?

: TrailRunner mini is based on the OpenStreetMap project. When you create routes, TrailRunner mini follows a hidden network of trails and streets that is based on OpenStreetMap data. The same data is being used to render the visible map. Would I add different map sources like Google Maps, the trail or street may be visible to you but you still cannot use it within the routing editor. This would be very frustrating and therefore I will not add this feature to TrailRunner mini — just because the App is supposed to be a simple route planning tool and no professional mapping solution.

: But what you can do is to contribute to the OpenStreetMap project and fix the problem at its root.

Update: In recent builds of TrailRunner mini and RaceBunny you can choose between different map Sources. But please understand that these still are based on the openStreetMap project data and therefore cover the same level of detail, though the design may differ.

Expert Hint: When you click on the map toolbar icon in TrailRunner mini, select the option to display more map sources. Then choose any of the available. But please understand that these may display different data than the routing editor can display. If that is the case you may use the off-road routing feature to follow these ways.

How can I backup my files?

Problem: It's not really obvious to me where TrailRunner mini stores the main document containing routes. How can I backup these files?
Solution: TrailRunner mini stores files in the following locations:

The main container is here:

within that container, the following files are being stored:
Application Support/com.berbie.trailrunnermini/TrailNetworkStore.sqlite
Application Support/com.berbie.trailrunnermini/com.berbie.trailrunnermini.log
Application Support/com.berbie.trailrunnermini/TNRoute-Attachments

Hint: The __yourhome__/Library folder is invisible by default. But just hold down the option key while pulling down the Finder's "Go" menu to get there. Or you can make it permanently visible using the following terminal command:
chflags nohidden ~/Library/
or you can open it by typing the following into the Finder menu item Go > Go to Folder box:

How can I move the aspect of the background map?

Problem: I have a Mac without a Multi-Touch trackpad or a Magic Mouse. How can I easily move the background map if I have a mouse with only a scroll-wheel or no scrolling capabilities at all?

To move the aspect of the background map, click and hold until the hand cursor appears. Keep holding and move the mouse to change the aspect.

To zoom into a location, double-click the location.
Use the key combinations + and - to zoom in and out at the center of the background map.
On Multi-Touch capable input devices use the gestures to zoom and scroll in any direction.