How can I add a trail that is missing on the map

Problem: TrailRunner mini uses the OpenStreetMap network create routes along the transit locations you set. But sometimes the OpenStreetMap data is not complete, misses a link between two paths or has wrong path attributes like planning along a seemingly public way though the way is private or blocked in reality. This may lead to strange routes being calculated by TrailRunner mini.

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Contribute: OpenStreetMap is like wikipedia for maps. Everyone can contribute, extend and correct the maps. There is a very convenient editor existing you may use to edit the open openStreetMap maps.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-15 um 10.38.27

After making changes to OpenStreetMap, it takes a couple of hours until your changes have have made it into the routing engine of TrailRunner mini.
As TrailRunner mini may still have cached the old data, use TrailRunner mini > Clear Caches… to make sure the new data is downloaded and becomes visible in the map.

Alternatively you can build a local missing link by creating an off-road section within your planned route.

How can I backup my files?

Problem: It's not really obvious to me where TrailRunner mini stores the main document containing routes. How can I backup these files?
Solution: TrailRunner mini stores files in the following locations:

The main container is here:

within that container, the following files are being stored:
Application Support/com.berbie.trailrunnermini/TrailNetworkStore.sqlite
Application Support/com.berbie.trailrunnermini/com.berbie.trailrunnermini.log
Application Support/com.berbie.trailrunnermini/TNRoute-Attachments

Hint: The __yourhome__/Library folder is invisible by default. But just hold down the option key while pulling down the Finder's "Go" menu to get there. Or you can make it permanently visible using the following terminal command:
chflags nohidden ~/Library/
or you can open it by typing the following into the Finder menu item Go > Go to Folder box:

How can I import GPS Recordings from my Sports Watch?

TrailRunner mini can import files in the format of GPX, TCX and HRM. Whatever sports watch or device you own, you first have to export the data files onto your mac and then import then into TrailRunner mini.

There are several helper applications outside in the wild that directly connect to your device and can export your recorded data in the one of the file formats TrailRunner mini can read. A few examples of such applications are:

Communicates with GPS devices from many manufacturers to send and receive data.

Free software that converts waypoints, tracks and routes from various consumer GPS receivers.

Garmin ANT Agent, Garmin Training Center and the Garmin Connect Website
Support all older and current Garmin devices

Supports the Polar RS200, RS200sd, CS200, CS200cad, F6 and F7

How can I reset the application cache

TrailRunner mini heavily caches most downloaded data for a couple of days. Should you need immediate updates or in other cases where you have problems with the cached data, you may reset the maps cache using the following command.
- Quit TrailRunner mini
- Start
- paste this line followed by pressing the return key:

    rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/com.berbie.trailrunnermini/Data/Library/Caches

What are the limitations of the trial version

The TrailRunner mini trial version is fully functional until it expires.
After that period, you will only be able to view your data when you buy the full version from the Mac AppStore.
In order to validate its expiration status, the trial version requires an internet connection.
To protect your privacy, no personal data will be sent to the license-server but an anonymous key identifying your trial version.

My application displays mixed languages

Problem: My installation of TrailRunner mini displays mixed languages. Some things are in english and some are in my own language. Is there a problem with the application?
Background: TrailRunner mini is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. Unfortunately I only speak German, English and mostly french. So it may be that some strings are not yet localized.
Solution: If you have the time I would highly appreciate your help completing the localization of TrailRunner mini into your language. Please contact me via application help and I will send you a translation application that makes it very easy for you to update the missing translations.
Note: You can view how the application looks in this blog article. But please note that you require a different Database, so please contact me and I will send you the correct download link.